Sunday, July 29, 2012

SIDE EFFECTS - at 18 Weeks

WARNING: Casual readers of this blog may find some details uncomfortable. I've included them to help fellow patients or those researching the idea of undergoing treatment. I apologize for any discomfort this may cause.

In no particular order:
  • Fatigue
    It comes and goes.  I have bouts of energy every now and then!
  • Shortness of breath
    Not as noticeable and does not occur as often.  My hemoglobin counts (red blood cells) have been in an acceptable range since I've been off the telaprevir.  Perhaps that explains the improvement.  When I exercise though, I definitely feel the difficulty to breathe (but that could simply be because I hadn't worked out in 3-4 months!).
  • NO Nausea
  • Appetite returningMy stomach just growled.  How funny!
  • NO Rash or pruritus (itching) - YIPPEE!
    I can use my scented lotions and shower gels again! SO exciting! 
  • That other minor skin irritation
    You know, the one I said is located under the behind... TOTALLY GONE! 
  • Emotional irritability/sensitivity
    You know, some may say this is a symptom of mine, regardless of being on or treatment. Seriously though, I just try to pay more attention to my moods and needs, then communicate them.  If I'm in a funk, it's helpful for me (and for my caring and understanding friends and family) to simply, admit it.  Many times it passes pretty quickly when I speak it out.
  • VERY LITTLE Sensitivity to acute loud sounds and bright light
    Hardly noticeble.  I'm able to tune out the kids again (only when they are being roudy, of course! LOL!).
  • Low Grade Fever and headaches
    Sometimes, but not often. I used to take Therafluon the regular.  Now I rarely think about it.  When I'm feeling weakness, congestion, extreme fatigue, headache, or the "wall" I'm about to hit, I grab the Theraflu or ibuprofen.  I'm not playing games with these symptoms.
  • Hair thinning
    This is continuing.  It seems to be picking back up.  No one notices though.  My hair is extremely thick.  To me (and my hairdresser), it is noticeably thin now.  The light shines right through and I can easily feel my scalp (even through the curly new growth).
  • Muscle weakness AND soreness
    Mostly apparent when on Neupogen, Procrit, or have done some repeated physical activity (like lifting or bowling)
  • Neupogen AND Procrit
    Oh my goodness!  It's been like forever since I've taken Procrit!  My Mayo nurse is pleased about that (me too).  My red blood cells seem to be holding ok nowadays. The Neupogen has been necessary about every 2 weeks it seems. And then I have to take 2 injections.  My white blood cells struggle to hang in there on their own.
  • Female issues continue.
    Unpredictable, 2 week cycle (the last time). It's annoying.
  • Forgetting - this paragraph from Week 9 still applies, with some improvement:
    This is a funny one. My mind does not work like it used to. It has a slower processor and limited memory. In conversation, I forget what I was talking about after the slightest interruption (week 18 improvement here). Sometimes I forget even while not interrupted. It's difficult forming sentences because my vocabulary seems to be limited too (week 18 improvement here). Sometimes I can't find the right word to say. I'm usually a LOT sharper than this, so this is new for me. I find it quite comical though. If you ask me to remember to remind you to do something, you better make sure I enter it in my phone WITH an alarm, or I will likely forget. Oh well. So far, I hadn't inadvertantly shop-lifted or burned anything down, so...

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  1. Hi. I've been keeping up with your blog. I'm at Mayo, same treatment. I am finally on week 42 of 48. You are doing well.........and will make it through. It's a roller coaster, and you're learn to NOT try to predict week by week. :-) Linda