Friday, July 27, 2012

17 Weeks, 6 Days - Renaissance Is Over

It's been a great few weeks of activity and productivity! Almost felt like - a rebirth.  A renaissance, if you will... But today, this week, my limitations have reappeared. It sucks.

Oh well. It could be worse.  How I feel is not as bad as when I was on teleprevir. Thank God! My mental faculties are in decent shape. I can handle several tasks a day. But I get exhausted before day's end. Truth is, I would probably stay in bed or in the lying or "feet up" position most of the day, if I'd allow myself to. But I won't. So I'm exhausted.

The previous 4 weeks had been a joy though!  I hadn't felt that alive since I started treatment (seemed like...). I did more family activities and business projects that had been neglected. I had more lunch dates and phone conversations, I caught up with caring and understanding friends and family, AND, I exercised for 3 days straight!  It felt great!! I'm grateful for that revival.

I hope to continue to take good care of myself, listening to my body and being gentle with it. Then, maybe I'll experience another renaissance. Maybe... Some day... I can hope!

Until then, I take on each day as it comes, and I am humbly grateful. I've been blessed with the opportunity of a new day. A new day in which to hope, to live, love, laugh, learn, to cry, cheer, mess up and make up.

Thank you for reading!
Bless y'all!

Living in fear is working hard not to lose in the end. Living by faith is knowing I will win in the end. A faithful life is a free one. A fearful life is a defeated one. - Me


  1. "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." (Martin Luther King, Jr.)
    And my sweet angel, in my eyes... your steadfast, Godly faithfulness is IMMEASURABLE... especially when faced with challenges that appear (at least to most of us) as insurmountable! I love you so much!! XOXOXOXOX

  2. The quote is amazon mom! Thank you for your love, parenting, and friendship.