Sunday, April 15, 2012

PRAYERS before the "UNDIE" Test

Would you pray for me please?

On Friday, April 20, I will have nearly completed 4 weeks of treatment. On that day, I am scheduled for a physical with complete blood work at Mayo Clinic.  This is to check to see where my viral load is. If my viral load has decreased, that means the treatment is working.  If I recall correctly, my viral load is around 8 million copies.  We prefer it to be zero!  The test can't guarantee that but it can come back as undetectable!  When Hep C patients reach this status, they fondly call themselves: undies!  I hope to call myself "an undie" very soon!

According to my genetic testing, doctors do NOT expect my viral load to be zero on April 20.  What does this mean? Well, hopefully this means that evidence of the virus has decreased even if it is still detectable. If my viral load has increased or remained the same, that would be bad news.  That would likely mean my body is not responding to the treatment.

For those whose viral load is undetectable by 4 weeks, treatment is usually much shorter (24 weeks) and there is a very confident chance that the virus will never return.

My genetic testing suggested that my body will respond to the treatment but probably not enough to rid the virus in 4 weeks.  Doctors expect my treatment to take 36-48 weeks, to ensure the best chances that the virus will never return.

Will you pray for my test day to go well? For my virus to be undetectable or at least decreasing in my body? For complete healing? For strength in the journey?  Or however the Lord leads you to pray?

Thank you!


  1. Shellie, I'll pray for your test to go well. Please let us know as soon as you know! best, Michela

    1. I certainly will! Thank you for reading my blog, praying, and caring about me!!!

  2. We are standing and believing for complete healing and for you to here the word Undie at your appointment! We love you dearly.

    The Phillips (Mike and Soph)

  3. We'll continue to pray for you. I look forward to celebrating your complete healing and recovery.

  4. God kill the virus. You are bigger than any virus and any treatment. Please cure my dear friend Shellie. I love you Shellie.

    1. Thank you, Sharon! It means so much to hear from you!

  5. Shellie you are soon to be UNDIE WOMAN
    Blessings to you Spike the heck out of this thing
    See that's the volleyball coach in me..... And then maybe you can come teach our girls how to do it LOL

  6. shellie i hope all is well at the time of this
    message , if it is not i know that it soon will
    be, i have watched the hand of god in your life as well as berts and the little ones and
    like the song , I dont believe he bought you
    this far to leave you