Monday, April 23, 2012

4 Weeks, 2 Days - My body says, "WHOA!"

The Short Summary:
Tuesday to Monday: Decreasing energy. Increasing headaches, sensory sensitivity. I wear sunglasses indoors. There were days I was glad I didn't have to cook a meal or drive. I just didn't have the strength to do it. Persistent low grade fever (LGF), shortness of breath, head congestion. Tense muscles and soreness (without the workout!). Tired, tired, tired, tired...tired.  Some people notice I'm exhausted, most don't have a clue. Eyes are still heavy. I start yawning around 10am (up between 6-7am getting kids ready for school). Don't mind the days I don't work out (not normal!). The days following the shot(s) are tougher than later in the week. Neupogen is necessary but completely makes me weak. Taking Theraflu and ibuprofen at night to help me relax and sleep. Some recurrence of mild rash in same places. Good news: irregular, sudden spurts in heart rate are declining in frequency, AND my viral count is less than 43!

The Details:
I hadn't worked out yet this week. Too tired. I'm bummed about that but realize - hey - I'm too tired. I'm used to being a spitfire of energy, even when tired. My mind would say "Go!" And my body would obey. Now my mind says "Go..." and my body says "Whoa!" ... So... Took Theraflu this morning. Head congested. Perhaps that's the closest I'll get to the popular flu symptoms most seem to experience. Took ibuprofen last night for back and joint aches. I went to chiropractor yesterday, maybe that had something to do with the aches. Although, I seriously needed the alignment. Felt so much better, especially in the neck and shoulders.

It's 12:00 pm and I'm super tired. Nowadays, I walk slower, think slower, drive slower, do... slower. Too tired. It takes longer to get going in the mornings. It used to be, when I get up, I'm up and able to move and think swiftly. Not now. Nuh-uh. When I get up, it's after thinking about it for 15 minutes. Then when I start moving, I can't seem to find my head. I'm in the bathroom, but my head is still on the pillow (figuratively speaking)! After a few minutes the brain gets cranking enough. Sometimes it's not till I've thrown down a shot of Theraflu.

I can still help Boose get ready for school. I'm grateful the girls have learned and grown to get themselves ready. Though there are moments when they need reminders too. On those days, I'm grateful I still have that much energy.

Day before the Undie Test
Restlessness. Heightened sensitivity to senses - indicative of someone on drugs...That's me!
Volatile emotional state - indicative of someone on again...

Y'all can read about this day on this post.

Saturday & Sunday: 
Wowee!!  These two days were the hardest ones I've had, from a physical standpoint.  I was prescribed to inject another dose of Neupogen because my neutrophils (white blood cells or WBC) had plummeted again. That was on Friday night.  I'm quite convinced my body doesn't like Neupogen.  Or rather, that perhaps the Neupogen is simply doing its job - stimulating my bone marrow to produce more WBC. And it flat out wipes me out.

Right hook to the jaw, uppercut to the chin...
Down goes Shellie! ... Down goes Shellie!

I had the energy to cheer for Alana at her volleyball game and visit with supportive friends on Saturday.  After that, I couldn't wait to get home so I could shut it down.

She's out for the count...

Major headache, restlessness, fatigue, light and sound sensitive... I felt like a colicky baby.  I even beat the sofa and whined in front of hubby.  Ow!  Beating the sofa only made my head hurt more.  This is ridiculous.  Reprieve please! Calgon, take me away!

Here comes hubby to the rescue! What did he do? He handed me his ball of silly putty, and said, "Squeeze this." ... My normal, typical response would have been one of the following: (1) Look at him crazy and walk away; or (2) Graciously take the ball, hold it for a few minutes, kindly say "Thanks babe," and subtly put it back on the counter. ... But I wasn't my normal, typical self.

I took that silly putty so fast and started squeezing the "put" out of that putty!!  Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha! Desperate times, y'all!  And guess what?  I felt better!  LOL! It really did!  The headache dissipated for a little while.  I welcomed the reprieve.

I thought Sunday would be better.  I usually have pretty good energy on those days.  Nope. Not this Sunday.  I didn't even make it to church.  I wanted to and even tried.  But I moved too slowly.  Hubby encouraged me to stay home. I listened to him. He took the kids to church.  I stayed in my PJs all day.  Not by choice, really.  I didn't have the energy to move. Ugh.  I listened to sermons on my iPhone podcasts and napped before the fam came back home.  It was an "easy does it" kind of day.  Glad we could all just chill.

Wow it's Monday!  I was trying not to stress over it the night before.  You know, having to take my shot and all.  I usually get really "knocked-out-dragged-out" tired, come Monday.  But not today!  Or is it just relative? Compared to the last two days: I feel GREAT! Now, objectively speaking, I had a headache, and some dizziness, etc.  But I could move

I mean, I said, "Go..." and the body said, "Oh all right, then, just don't be so pushy, OK?" 
I'll take it!

I went to the grocery store!  Yippee!  Not that I thrive at the grocery store, it's just the principle of getting out of the house and being able to have the energy to drive, push a grocery cart, load it with groceries, etc.  You get the picture.

Oh yeah, and I got the call today. The one with the viral count results.  Details posted in the next post.

Thanks for reading and visiting again!  I truly appreciate it!  Your visits encourage me to press on, and to share my experience with others going through the same or similar treatment, now or in the future.



  1. Disappointed? Dejected? Yes! Hopeful? Always! I am not in control and, therefore, I lean on my steadfast faith in my Savior/my Great Physician/my Comforter/my Counselor/my Healer/my Precious Living Stone... "The Lord is full of compassion and mercy." "Come to me all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Rest, my darling... Good night!!

    1. Yes. Rest is good! That's in the forefront of my thoughts nowadays! :)