Thursday, November 8, 2012

32 Weeks, 5 Days - Blood sugar is low

Last week, I shared my blood sugar experience with my PA (physician's assistant) at my monthly Mayo Clinic checkup. Funny thing, she had ordered a glucose test as one of my labs.  I didn't know this. And she didn't know I was having those symptoms I shared in the previous post.

The test showed my blood sugar was low.  They administered the test again a week later - that would be today - and my blood sugar was normal again.

What had happened was...
Since my previous post, I began to take extra notice of my diet.  I made sure I ate protein for breakfast (and made sure I actually ate breakfast).  I was also extra careful to eat a significant portion of protein for every meal (not too much but enough). And I regularly took my daily vitamins.

By the time I took the second test today, I was feeling much better and haven't experienced those drastic bouts since.  I'm more self-aware of my body and can feel when it is coming on.  Instead of ignoring or waiting to feel hunger pains, I usually grab a sandwich. (I love Costco's chicken salad! Sometimes all I need is a heavy spoonful of it's deliciousness and I'm cool....Mmm...)

The PA reminded me that my metabolic systems are often in overdrive while on treatment, especially when I'm on both Procit and Neupogen, because those drugs are meant to boost my immune system.

So, it is plausible that my body is burning energy faster than I'm used to. (Hey...I'm not complaining!...Burn baby burn!...).  And, it is plausible - in light of the chemo treatment - that I am out of the energy reserves to support the increase in metabolism. OR, my body is slow to release the energy reserves to maintain a healthy blood sugar balance, because it's too busy metabolising the chemo.

It is what it is.  I'm glad Mayo Clinic listens to me and takes action immediately.  I really like that...

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