Saturday, June 30, 2012

13 Weeks, 7 days - Life as a "Mom" Patient

...Notice, I didn't say Life as a "Patient" Mom for the title of this post. Although, I've improved in that department. (It's definitely a weakness of mine.)

Here is a short account of life as a mom in treatment for Hep C:
  • I'm learning to delegate more and move less.
    I used to be the exclusive one serving, tidying up, etc. Now, not so much.
  • The kids do more for themselves and I ask them to do more for me. Same with my spouse.
    I ask for his help more too. I'm used to not asking because I could do it (i.e., emptying the car of groceries). I think these little things make a big difference in increasing or maintaining my energy reserves.
  • I'm getting used to things not getting done in an efficient manner.
    A mother's work is never done. And it's not getting done, at least, not like it used to. Things don't get repaired, replaced, or recycled as often or efficiently as needed. Oh well. If it's gonna be left up to me to do it, get ready to wait a while. :)
  • I'm the main one that wasn't ok with my new limitations.
    But I'm accepting it now. And it feels good! Lots of pressure taken off myself. The kids have had to learn to adjust too. Mommy's not meeting their needs like I used to. They are learning to meet their own needs, as they are able. Their ages are 12, 10, and 6. They like when mommy asks for their help too, especially when cooking or bringing in the groceries from the car.

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