Wednesday, June 27, 2012

13 weeks 4 days - 10 Days without telaprevir/Incivek

It's been almost 2 weeks since my last Incivek/telaprevir dose.  Here is a recap of the first 10 days:

10 days off Incivek/telaprevir - feeling relatively good.  Is it because I'm off the telaprevir? Or is it the common pattern of 2 good weeks/2 bad weeks?

I was still in the habit of looking at the clock around dosing times, anticipating needing to eat 20 grams of fat.  Then, I'd smile and say to myself, "Thank God that's over! No more telaprevir! Yeah!"

Days 1-7 off of telaprevir:
  • Lots of pruritus/itching/porcupine needles
  • Mental clarity returning, remembering better - or should I say, forgetting less often
  • Sleeping better, fewer night bathroom breaks
Days 4-10 off of telaprevir:
  • Noticeably less itching the last 3 days! Yeah!
  • Better movement (quicker), mental sharpness, no headaches
  • Still get tired when I exert physical energy (i.e., folding clothes, driving, grocery shopping).
  • Have more stamina when I'm not moving (i.e., laying down while talking, reading, texting, emailing allows me to socialize longer, and I have the mental and physical energy to play board games with the kids, while sitting or lounging)

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