Friday, June 15, 2012

11 Weeks, 6 Days: No More Telaprevir! (Almost)

I'll be done with this potent telaprevir/Incevik drug at 12 weeks!! 

Yeah! I have to admit I will miss this drug - NOT one bit! ...2 pills per dose, 3 doses per day, every 7-9 hours after eating 20 grams of fat, for 86 consecutive days.  People: that's 258 doses and 5,160 grams of fat in 3 months.  Uh. No. I won't miss this - not one bit.

Yet and still, I have to admit I am forever grateful for telaprevir. (And, no, I'm not unstable, confused, or breaking down mentally.  Well, maybe I am mentally breaking down but I'm not all dumb.  Some dumb? Maybe.  But not plumb dumb.  Not yet anyway.) :-)  If it wasn't for telaprevir, I wouldn't qualify for treatment.  Because of telaprevir, I have a70% or greater chance to be cured of this virus. Before telaprevir, my chances were 2-22%.

Ok.  Swan song is over. Thank you researchers for developing this. And, SO LONG TELAPREVIR!

Quick update:  Got my 12 week check-up at Mayo Clinic yesterday.  I've been an "undie" since week 8, and I am still an "undie" at week 12!  So far so good as far as keeping the virus away. Still undetectable. Thank You, Lord!

Living in fear is working hard not to lose in the end. Living by faith is knowing I will win in the end. A faithful life is a free one. A fearful life is a defeated one. - Me

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