Saturday, March 9, 2013

1 Week AFTER: I feel like crap

So I'm one week past treatment, or 1 week post-treatment.  How am I feeling?  Am I doing a happy dance? Am I back to my old self?  Isn't life just - like - completely different in a more awesome way now?


I was feeling at my worst on the last day of treatment; truth be told.  I could tell my feeble immune system was fighting something.  My intuition was confirmed when I went in for my first post treatment blood draw on Thursday.  The nurse called and informed me to take a shot of Neupogen, my neutrophils were 0.4.  Okie dokie. Been there done that.

I was 11 days removed from my last interfuron shot and 4 days removed from the last swallow of ribavirin pills.  My body is still weary and had no plans of bouncing back just yet.  I wasn't expecting to anyway.  Hoping, but not expecting.  (There's a difference.  I just figured that out this past year...)

Good thing I kept Neupogen and Procit on hand.  You never know how long it may take to bounce back.  The doctor says 3 months.  I say one.  I'll let you know.

Peace out.


  1. Good luck with everything. I hope you get to do your "happy dance".

  2. Congratulations on your grand finish!! I know you are thrilled to be done with these wicked medications and it is only a matter of time before you're doing the happy dance.

    My husband took his last shot 3/18 and will finish with the Ribavirin/Victrelis on 3/22. The doctor suggested my husband take Procrit shots for two weeks post treatment and one Nupogen post treatment to get things "back where they should be."

    Hope you come back better than ever and this treatment is part of your past...SOON!