Monday, December 10, 2012

38 Weeks - How are you?

That's the question I get asked the most these days.  My answer?  "The same."  This response may sound stand off-ish, but it's actually quite accurate - and honest.

"The same" is not a bad thing.
So...what do I mean when I say it?

"The same" means that the effect of this treatment remains unpredictable. It means that I can have a good day or a bad day and not know which is coming.  It means that I am exhausted no matter how much sleep I get.  It means that sometimes I am forgetful.  It means that sometimes I am slow to respond.  I end up remembering and I end up responding, but my "processor" is "congested" (with drugs) so the response isn't always immediate.

Sometimes I get tired of explaining how I am when asked.  I think "the same" is great answer during those times.  People who know me, and regularly check in on how I am doing, will understand "the same."

"The same" is not a bad thing.  It means things could be worse but are not.  Yet, it also means things are not better (but I know they will be).

In a nutshell, this is what I'm trying to say:
I can depend on one earthly fact that will ALWAYS stay "the same:"
The fact that nothing - on earth - ever does...

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